Nissan 350Z ‘deserves an Asbo’

The used car editor of What Car? has said that the Nissan 350Z "deserves to be given an Asbo".

Matt Sanger intends the comment to be a complimentary reference to its "aggressive styling and raucous exhaust note" – the What Car? editorial team has in fact chosen the 350Z as Best Sports Car in this year’s used car awards.

Mr Sanger added: “The 350Z is anything but subtle, and is the modern epitome of old-school."

The magazine editor believes that the modern Zed has stayed close to its original heritage, emulating the legendary 240Z from the early 70s. Since launching back in October 2003, the 350Z has collected numerous awards and garnered praise from all areas of the media.

Industry analysts have highlighted how its strong natural demand and a responsible approach to sales volumes has helped the 350Z consistently maintain high residual values, especially when compared to many of its rivals.

This is reassuring for customers who can buy the car safe in the knowledge that it will maintain a respectable resale value.

Written by Elaine Gilberto


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