New Passat Bluemotion 2 available to order

The new BlueMotion 2, which Passat claims is the most efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly car it has ever produced, opens for ordering this week.

The BlueMotion 2’s new automatic stop/start system is sure to be a unique selling point for used Passat dealers in years to come.

So how does the automatic stop/start system work? Well, it’s all operated through the clutch.

When coming to a halt at traffic lights the driver depresses the clutch and selects neutral. When the clutch is released the engine shuts down and a stop/start symbol illuminates on the multifunction display.

In order to move away the driver only has to depress the clutch once again to select first gear and the engine re-starts automatically. If the driver wishes, the system can be deactivated through a switch located on the centre console.

Available to order at Volkswagen retailers, the new Passat BlueMotion 2 will cost from £17,700 for the saloon model and £18,835 for the estate.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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