Nissan launch first E-Car club

Nissan, the Japanese car company looking to drive forward the evolution of and engagement with electric driving, has launched the UK’s first ‘E-Car Club’ in Milton Keynes.

Under the scheme, and with a nod to an increased separation between short-hop and long-distance driving, club members can access Nissan LEAF electric cars to drive around MK on an hourly or daily basis. Three Nissan LEAFs, the fully electric five door ride, have been purchased by Milton Keynes’ E-Car Club. MK residents and businesses can sign up to the scheme and hire a LEAF for around £5.50 per hour.

Barry Beeston, Nissan’s fleet sales director, enthused:

“We welcome the launch of E-Car as it makes LEAF accessible to a number of consumers and business users who previously may not have had access to an electric vehicle. E-Car has some excellent corporate services set up which are increasingly important as companies aim to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Members of the new E-Car Club are provided with a card and pin which, once the car is booked online, allows them to access the LEAF independently and drive it away.

Businesses and individuals can use a ‘Pay as you Go’ plan; a ‘Business Account’ which offer a 20% discount and block booking option; and an ‘E-Car Hosting’ package which allows businesses to replace part of their existing fleet with a zero emission vehicles – E-Car will manage their fleet.

E-Car chairman Andrew Wordsworth added:

“We believe E-Car is being launched at a very exciting time for motorists as many want to experiment with driving an electric car before they make the decision to own one. We hope to grow the E-Car network over the coming months.”


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