Audi A3 and A4 drivers legible for free MOT tests

Owners of a used Audi A3 or a used Audi A4 could benefit from a new loyalty reward offer that will enable them to receive a free MOT test on their vehicle.

Audi is looking to support drivers of its vehicles by offering the free tests on all cars that have been on the road for a minimum of three years.

Drivers of the vehicles can obtain their free checks at all participating UK Audi Centres by registering online through the manufacturer’s website.

The offer is only available to privately owned Audi models.

Meanwhile, Audi is also working on a new online tool that will enable motorists to find out where their nearest centre is, while using the tool to book in their service for when it best suits them.

A review of an Audi A3 hatchback by WhatCar? states that the vehicle "offers a classy cabin, strong residuals and composed handling".

Also, buyers can benefit from having plenty of space in the front and a car that retains its value well, while drivers can view the road ahead from a good driving position.


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