Volvo introduces new fuel-efficient diesel engine

The D5 engine took three years to go from project briefing to the delivery(Volvo’s perfectionism regarding engineering is a major selling point for used Volvo dealers).

It has been tailored to meet forthcoming strict environmental requirements and guarantee a level of driving comfort that satisfied the exacting demands of customers in the S80 segment.

Derek Crabbe, vice president, Powertrain Engineering, said: "The technical solutions that contribute to the engine’s low fuel consumption also help reduce the engine’s environmental footprint.

"Reducing emissions and particulates was one of the basic requirements when the new engine was being developed."

At lower rev ranges, the smaller turbocharger in the engine ensures rapid acceleration and more immediate response, while a larger turbocharger provides levels of power torque not offered by a single unit.

This ensures ample resources for quick overtaking, particularly between 50 and 75 mph.

Written by Peter Sweden


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