The original environmentally friendly car company

Volvo, who has lead the way in environmental initiatives, has announced
that its vehicles have been 85 per cent recyclable and 95 per cent
recoverable since 2002 – beating the European Commission’s target of

Their assembly plants are all free of lead, cadmium, mercury and
chromium as well as using a hypo-allergenic process, known as Oeko-Tex,
to tan leather, which ensures that the leather seats are free from
hazardous substances.

All factories started to use hydropower from January 2008 – having been
running on natural gas in Sweden and Belgium, and having recycled their
residual heat since 1988.

The servicing departments of all Volvo dealerships worldwide use the
‘Volvo Exchange System’ to return used parts for re-manufacture or
reconditioning. Customers who wish to research can see more on the


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