Volvo S80 proves popular with business customers

Since its arrival on these shores in autumn 2006, the Volvo S80 has impressed business customers, according to the manufacturer.

Volvo credits the car’s "distinctive characteristics" of Scandinavian design, innovative technology, ride quality, passenger space and comfort as the reasons behind its popularity.

One chauffeur company that regularly uses Volvo’s vehicles to get its clients from A to B is Tristar Worldwide, which has recently added 250 new S80s to its fleet.

Dean de Beer, managing director of the firm, said: "Our customers trust Tristar to deliver them safely and promptly to their most important engagements in comfort and luxury.

"Volvo is the vehicle supplier we choose year after year to deliver the quality and consistency of service that our clients have come to expect."

According to research carried out by Volvo, spending an extended period of time in the S80 help customers appreciate the "true benefits of this luxurious saloon".


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