Volvo celebrates the 15 millionth car

Volvo produced its 15 millionth car yesterday, since the company was first established in 1927.

In the first year of production Volvo made less than 300 cars, yet now it produces 100,000 vehicles every three months.

The Volvo C70 convertible, which is the 15 millionth car, also has its ‘open top’ in common with the first ever Volvo – called the OV4 – which had four cylinders.

Volvo is proud of its safety record – it fitted three-point seat belts from 1959. It also has a reputation for environmental innovations – back in 1976 it fitted a three-way catalytic converter to the Lambdasond model.

The Volvo front badge marque is based upon the large Uddevalla factory gates – which represents a symbol of Swedish steel and quality.


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