Vauxhall Zafira combines performance and space

Motorists looking for a car that will provide them with high levels of performance to go alongside the capabilities of carrying a heavy load may wish to decide on a Vauxhall Zafira, according to one reviewer.

Writing for the Ayrshire Post, Enda Mullen has remarked that motorists could choose the 1.9-litre diesel Zafira, which offers enough performance to "satisfy most".

Mr Mullen also established from his test drive of the Vauxhall Zafira SRi 1.9 that many improvements have been made over its predecessor.

Although, the older vehicle offered drivers high levels of space, the reviewer highlights that the latest Zafira is even more spacious, while extra storage solutions have been included, such as overhead roof lockers.

Meanwhile, as well as the extra space on offer, passengers can also witness a more modern feel to the interior, while overall the current Zafira is "a little more sleek and svelte".

In terms of its on the road performance, The 1.9-litre Vauxhall Zafira can reach a maximum speed of 127 miles per hour, while being capable of completing 47.1 miles per gallon of fuel, according to Mr Mullen.

High levels of safety have also been confirmed within the vehicle range as a five-star safety rating has been gained by Euro NCAP.


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