Skoda offers top fuel saving tips

Skoda has offered drivers a number of tips to help them reduce their car’s fuel consumption, with simple maintenance one of the most important activities to remember.

Oil and air filters should be changed regularly and tyres should be checked that they are equally and adequately inflated, as tyres that are too low or uneven lead to higher fuel consumption.

Whenever possible, such as in traffic jams and while waiting to pick someone up, a car’s engine should be switched off and drivers should also refrain from revving their engine unnecessarily.

Dirt, bumps and gravel can create a 30 per cent increase in fuel consumption so motorists are advised to avoid rough roads wherever possible.

There are also small tactics drivers can adopt while using their car, such as turning off their air conditioning if it is not necessary and avoiding accelerating between speed bumps.

Martin Burke of Skoda said: "Just by altering our driving habits we can significantly reduce fuel consumption which not only means C02 emissions are reduced, but we as drivers save money.

"As a leading manufacturer, Skoda is always looking for ways in which it can react positively to climate change and we urge drivers to look at how they drive to see if they can be doing more to save fuel consumption."


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