Renault Megane is a “sexy” family car [MEGANE]

Motorists looking to buy a sexy family car need to look no further than the Renault Megane, a reviewer has stated.

Andy Richards commented in the Paisley Daily Express that the Megane Dynamique 1.5 dCi 106 "bowled him over" in terms of its looks and its performance.

He revealed that the vehicle "oozes power aplenty", while remaining comfortable to sit in and having great ability on the road.

One factor that has helped its on road performance, according to Mr Richards, has been a successful weight saving programme.

He explained that although the vehicle is larger than other Megane offerings it weighs an average of 8kg less, which helps boost its handling and general all-round efficiency.

Furthermore, from the front the vehicle has an "assertive, racy appearance" and inside there is a surprising amount of room.

Top Gear in the past called the Renault Megane the "Vanessa Feltz of the road" as it was a vehicle that marketed itself on the fact that it had a "big bum".


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