Shiny, happy, logo for Citroen

Geneva has seen the predicted display of the new Berlingo and Nemo van-based mini-MPVs and the estate version of the C5 but Citroen also seem to have altered their badge and logo branding.

Whilst Citroen still use their corporate red and white colouration, they have added "bling" by using chrome to pick out the word ‘Citroen’ on the rear of their vehicles, as well as rounding the sharp edges of the famous double-chevron radiator marking.

A Citroen spokesman commented that dealers would welcome the change "if it increased awareness, standing and profitability", although no announcement has been made to signal the alteration.

Peugeot’s recent rebranding also included the use of chrome to accentuate the lion logo and the word ‘Peugeot’ on their vehicles, and the UK has several dual-branded dealerships.


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