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Green Flag vs AA breakdown cover

When buying breakdown cover, choosing the right type of cover for your needs is important. That’s why it can be helpful to compare breakdown cover providers such as the AA and Green Flag and what they offer.

The AA is the biggest direct breakdown cover provider in the UK1, while Green Flag is another major provider. Below, we compare the types of breakdown cover they offer.

The AA vs Green Flag breakdown cover – at a glance

If you’re comparing breakdown cover providers, it’s useful to compare various factors, such as reviews, flexibility and any restrictions that may apply.

For example, the AA covers vehicles of all ages with all types of cover2, while Green Flag only covers vehicles less than 16 years old with Personal Cover.

Use the table below to compare some of the key aspects of the AA and Green Flag breakdown cover.

Key points The AA Green Flag
Which? Recommended Breakdown Services Provider 2023

Yes – Which? Recommended in 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018


Number of branded patrols3

2,700 – And all of our patrols receive electric vehicle training every 5 years

250 – Green Flag is rolling out a small fleet of branded patrols to operate alongside a 'smart network of rescue specialists'

Covers vehicles of all ages at all cover levels


No – Personal Cover only applies to vehicles less than 16-years-old

Hire car provided?

Yes  – Hire car provided for 72 hours with Onward Travel

Yes – Hire car provided for 48 hours with Recovery Plus and EuroPlus packages

Repair costs covered

Yes  – If you add Parts & Garage Cover to your policy, we’ll cover repair costs up to £535

No – Green Flag doesn’t offer Parts & Garage Cover

The AA price shown above is available to new customers on a rolling monthly basis (this doesn't take into account any sales, offers or promotions).

Find out our top tips on how to compare breakdown cover.

Get 24/7 roadside assistance from the UK's largest fleet of expert patrols.

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What's included in Green Flag breakdown cover compared to the AA?

AA Patrol replacing tyre on car

It can be useful to look at the different cover levels on offer when comparing breakdown cover providers.

The AA’s starting level of cover is called Roadside Assistance. Green Flag’s is called Rescue.

Both these cover levels provide unlimited call-outs, 24/7 cover from 1/4 mile from a home and a tow to the nearest garage if your car can’t be fixed at the roadside.

But there are some key differences between AA Roadside Assistance and Green Flag Rescue. The below table highlights the similarities and differences between them.

AA Roadside Assistance vs Green Flag Rescue
Features AA Roadside Assistance Green Flag Rescue
Roadside help

✓ Yes

✓ Yes
Free small replacement parts

Yes – We can provide £5 worth of small replacement parts

✗ No
Recovery to nearest garage  Yes

✓ Yes

Member benefits  Yes – Discounts on restaurants, car care, days out and travel ✗ No
Unlimited call-outs4 Yes Yes
Covers vehicles of all ages at all cover levels

✓ Yes 

 No – Personal cover is limited to vehicles less than 16-years-old
24/7 cover 1/4 mile from home 


Free advice on garage or repair bills 


No – Once taken to a garage. it’s up to you to sort out any repairs

Read our breakdown cover guide for answers to frequently asked questions on breakdown cover.

The AA and Green Flag personal and family breakdown cover

Both the AA and Green Flag offer vehicle, personal and family breakdown cover options.

Personal breakdown cover will cover you (the driver) in any vehicle. Family breakdown cover includes you and up to 3 people who live with you.

But Green Flag personal and family breakdown cover only applies on vehicles less than 16-years-old. The AA covers vehicles of any age.2

Green Flag and AA additional breakdown cover levels

At the AA, we pride ourselves on our flexible and buildable cover. So with our add-ons, you can tailor-make your breakdown cover to exactly what you need:

  • At Home – breakdown cover that starts at your doorstep.
  • National Recovery – if we can’t fix your vehicle at the roadside, we provide a car towing service to any single destination on the UK mainland.
  • Onwards Travel – if your vehicle needs repairs that stop your journey, we’ll help with alternative transport or an overnight hotel stay.
  • Parts and Garage Cover – if you need work done to your vehicle after breaking down, we’ll cover costs up to £535.

With the AA, you can opt for just our standard Roadside Assistance or add as many or as few of the above options on to make your cover work for you. We also offer European breakdown cover if you need it.

Learn more about how our breakdown cover works.

Green Flag has different breakdown cover packages available which provide extra features in addition to those offered at its starting level of cover (Rescue):

  • Rescue Plus – includes misfuelling cover and cover at home.
  • Recovery – includes misfuelling cover and vehicle recovered to preferred UK destination.
  • Recovery Plus – includes misfuelling cover, cover at home, vehicle recovered to preferred UK destination, choice of hire car / cost of alternative transport / overnight stay and rail fare covered.
  • EuroPlus – includes misfuelling cover, cover at home, vehicle recovered to preferred UK destination, choice of hire car / cost of alternative transport / overnight stay, rail fare covered and European breakdown cover.

None of the Green Flag breakdown cover packages include Parts and Garage Cover.

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Who is the cheapest, AA or Green Flag?

It depends on your needs.

Both the AA and Green Flag’s breakdown cover pricing is based on risk. This means you need to provide details to get a quote and see how much your cover costs.

The AA only requires your home postcode and date of birth to get an initial quote. But Green Flag requires the following details:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Vehicle registration

Green Flag will use these details to provide you with a quote.

Only 10% of people are eligible for the lowest breakdown cover prices offered by Green Flag, which means most people won't be eligible for these prices.

Which? Recommended Breakdown Services Provider, 6 years in a row.

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Is Green Flag as good as the AA?

The AA is the UK's no.1 breakdown cover provider. Plus, we have a bigger breakdown recovery fleet and more Which? recommended accolades, including 2023*. The AA also covers vehicles of any age, and offers member benefits, free small replacement parts (up to £5's worth) and free advice on garage or repair bills, while Green Flag doesn't.

*Verify the above at

Is AA faster than Green Flag?

With more dedicated patrols than anyone else, we get more people back on the road than any other breakdown cover provider*. We'll usually get to you for repairs in under an hour, and get you back on the road within 30 minutes of arrival. However, with so many factors at play in different types of breakdowns, we can't guarantee repairs within a certain timeframe.

*Verify the above at

How much should you pay for breakdown cover?

There is no set amount you should pay for breakdown cover. Rather, you should consider your individual needs and build a breakdown cover policy that suits you. With us, you can do just that.

For example, if you only want to cover one vehicle with Roadside assistance, you can do that for a low price. If you'd like personal cover for yourself in any vehicle, with extra options like At Home or Parts and Garage cover for more cover in more scenarios, then it may be worth paying a little more.

Which is the best breakdown cover company in the UK?

We're the UK's best breakdown cover provider.

The AA has been rated the best major breakdown service provider for 2 years according to the Brand and Market Tracker study6 and a recent report showed consumers rated the AA as the most trusted and recommended brand out of the ones included in the survey.7

Our Trustpilot rating

What our members say

Reported breakdown on the app, was given an estimate of 45 minutes but the guy turned up within 15 minutes, diagnosed the fault and followed me to the nearest repair location. Excellent service all round!

Terry Faulkner

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Why should I choose the AA instead of Green Flag?

AA Patrol looking under hood of car

The AA and Green Flag reviews 

The AA is the only major breakdown cover provider to be Which? Recommended in 2023 and for 6 years in a row. Which? also rated our expert patrols' knowledge and courtesy as 5-stars.5

Discover how RAC breakdown cover compares to the AA.

The AA and Green Flag membership benefits

The AA offers a great range of member benefits, including discounts on days out, restaurants and car care.

Plus, if you renew with us after a year, you’ll be upgraded to Silver membership, including 1 free day of European breakdown cover up to 3 times a year and free cover for under 17s. After 5 years, you’ll become a Gold member and retain access to all silver level benefits, including free cover for up to 3 under 17s. You'll also get KeyCare of up to £1,500.

Green Flag membership doesn’t come with additional benefits such as these. 

More members and expert patrols than anyone else

The AA is the biggest direct breakdown service provider in the UK1. That means more customers directly choose us as their breakdown cover provider than anyone else.

We also have over 2,700 of our own dedicated patrols – that’s more than any other UK breakdown provider. And they've all received training in EVs.3

Plus, our patrols will typically get to you in less than an hour and can usually get you back on the road within 30 minutes of arrival.

Electric car experts

The AA is proud to have more electric-trained expert patrols than any other breakdown provider, making us the perfect choice for those with an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Our unique tech (including our freewheeling hub) means we can usually get you quickly and safely to a rapid chargepoint if your battery runs out of charge.


The AA has been around for over a century – having been established in 1905, we’ve grown into one of the largest breakdown cover organisations with nearly 14 million members.

Green Flag was established as the National Breakdown Recovery Club in 1971, and was renamed Green Flag in 1994.

Can I use the AA online or on my mobile?

Yes – you can access your account online or through the AA app on your phone. With our app, you can:

  • Use tap and track to send us your exact location and request a mechanic when you break down.
  • See a map of nearby petrol stations, garages and parking.
  • Get reminders about your tax, service and MOT.

You can also report a breakdown online to send us your exact location and track your mechanic’s progress.

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Buy AA breakdown cover

We have more dedicated patrols than any other UK breakdown service.

Good to know

Biggest direct breakdown service provider

More personal members choose us than any other major UK breakdown service. Source: AA Intermediate Co Limited Interim Report 2023 (3.3m paid personal members) and RAC Bidco Limited Interim Report HY 2023 (2.7m consumer members). Verify at

What vehicles do we cover?

Our breakdown cover includes most cars of any age (including classic cars), vans, motorbikes, caravans, and campervans. Your vehicle must be under 3.5 tonnes and 8ft 3in (2.55m) wide.

More patrols than anyone else

The AA uses a fleet of dedicated vehicles – which means we own and manage them, and they are driven by our own patrols. These include breakdown vans, recovery trucks and other specialist vehicles to support a wide range of breakdown situations our members find themselves in.

Sometimes we may use garages to reduce wait times, but only when necessary. We’ll always let you know in advance.

We have more highly skilled patrols than anyone else. And they’ve all received training in electric vehicles. The AA is the largest UK breakdown provider, with over 2,700 patrols compared to around 1,750 patrols for the second largest provider in the UK.

Sources: AA Annual Report 2023 (2,700 patrols) and RAC Class A Prospectus 2023 (1,750 patrols). Verify at

Unlimited call-outs

Repeat call-outs for the same fault, within 28 days, will not be covered. Your call-out levels may affect future renewals.

Our expert patrols’ knowledge and courtesy are rated 5-stars*

Which? rated our patrols' knowledge and courtesy as 5 stars in their 2023 Best Car Breakdown Providers (October 2023).

Best major breakdown service provider

We’ve been consistently rated as the best breakdown service against all other major breakdown providers by UK drivers for the last 2 years according to the Brand and Market Tracker study. 

The Brand and Market Tracker is a study conducted on behalf of the AA by an independent research provider (Old Street Data Science – trading name HGSR Ltd.) and the results are based on responses by participants who self-identify which provider they are with. Interviews are held with 1,500 respondents every quarter, who identify themselves as UK-based drivers, which is rolled up to 6,000 annually.

Most recommended and most trusted brand

The latest independent Mintel Vehicle Recovery report (September 2023) which showed that the consumers surveyed rated the AA as being the most trusted, most recommended, and the favourite brand of the brands covered in Mintel's survey. 

Brands included in Mintel’s Vehicle Recovery report are the AA, Green Flag, RAC, Direct Line, AXA, LV=/Britannia Rescue, Start Rescue and Allianz Assistance.

See for more details and 1,3 and 5 to 7.