EV Charge points outscore petrol stations 2 to 1

Twice as many EV charge points than petrol stations

DFT Data dispels charging myths

11 June 2020

Data released by the Department for Transport today1 shows that there are more than double the number of electric vehicle charging devices compared to petrol stations2.

Number of publicly accessible EV charging devices (UK) Number of publicly accessible rapid EV charging devices (UK) Number of fuel forecourts (UK)
17947 3107 8046

E vs charging on roadside

One of the myths we urgently need to clear up is a perceived lack in charging points
Edmund King, AA President

Edmund King, AA president says; “One of the myths we urgently need to clear up is a perceived lack in charging points. With a 61% year-on-year increase and more public charge points being installed every week, it should give confidence to drivers that they will be able to get home in an electric car.

“However, if drivers feel they cannot find a charge point then more needs to be done. Changing the signcould help them stand out, as well as finding solutions to those who want to charge their car at home, but do not have a dedicated off-street parking space.

“Encouraging drivers to make the switch to electric cars will also encourage both councils and businesses to install charging infrastructure. We believe that further incentives are required to ease the transition to lower emission vehicles such as cutting VAT4 on the sale of certain vehicles or targeted scrappage schemes.”

1.UK Government EV charging statistics

2. UKPIA say there are 8,046 forecourts in the UK

3. AA Green parking sign

4.AA calls for VAT to be scrapped on new EV's

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