How reliable will my car be?

Warranty Direct, the independent automotive warranty specialist, has
used its database of reliability data on over 60,000 used vehicles to award the overall ‘Used Car of the Year 2008’ to the Toyota Avensis Verso. The Kia Sedona was runner up in the MPV category.

A panel of motoring journalists also had the chance to influence the
choices, with the best used 4×4 being awarded to Nissan X-Trail, and the Subaru Forester being runner up, and the best used convertible awarded to the BMW Z3 and runner up being the Audi A4.

The reliability index then gave the panel the BMW 5 Series in the
Executive category, and named the Jaguar S-type as a runner up.

Honda swept the board in the Family, Small family and Supermini
categories, with the Jazz and Civic winning outright and the Accord
being runner up to the Ford Mondeo. The Nissan Micra and the Toyota
Corolla were a close second to the Hondas.

"Once more, Japanese cars have proven to be top of the tree when it
comes to buying a used car," said Warranty Direct managing director,
Duncan McClure Fisher.

"Not only are they consistently the most reliable cars on the road, but
they clearly tick all the right boxes when it comes to appealing to the
buying public."

The Honda Civic has recently been subject to a recall. Models produced
at the Swindon factory between 2006 and 2007 had the handbrake spring
fitted incorrectly, which means that handbrakes applied depressing the
button, to prevent the ratchet noise, may not completely apply the
brake. Drivers of 63,000 vehicles concerned should have been contacted
by post.


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