Subaru supermini ‘beats congestion charge’

The economical, environmentally-friendly Justy supermini from Subaru has gone on sale.

For £8,495 on-the-road, motorists can pick up the five-door 1.0-litre car with emissions so low it is expected to be exempt from London’s new congestion charge.

However, drivers looking to get behind the wheel of the vehicle may find it difficult, as Subaru is making only 6,000 available each year through Europe – 1,000 of which on sale in the UK.

Subaru managing director Lawrence Good has claimed that the new vehicle has made everybody excited.

"Everyone is very enthusiastic about the new Justy as it is will appeal to environmentally-conscious motorists and those seeking ultra-low running costs," said the official.

Subaru is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries and its name is based on the Japanese term for the Pleiades star cluster.

The automobile manufacturer’s logo is also based on the formation.


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