Special Mini Cooper created to commemorate Harrison

Mini Cooper fans flocking to the Mini United event that begins tomorrow (May 22nd) will be able to witness a one-off vehicle made especially to resemble that of late Beatle George Harrison.

When all of the Beatles were given a Mini Cooper by their band manager Brian Epstein in the 1960s, Harrison chose to paint his with a range of psychedelic images.

Now a new Mini Cooper S is being painted to mark the 50th birthday of the Mini Cooper, which will be auctioned off after the Mini United event to raise money for the Material World Foundation.

Harrison’s widow Olivia said: "George was a huge Mini fan and he would have enjoyed creating this new version.

"The fact that Mini’s anniversary celebrations will also benefit our foundation has made it an enjoyable as well as meaningful collaboration."

Harrison’s Mini also featured in the band’s 1967 television movie Magical Mystery Tour.

The Mini United festival runs at Silverstone between May 22nd and 24th and features performances by both Paul Weller and Calvin Harris among others.


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