Mazda working for a sustainable future

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has set out its long-term vision for the development of its brand, with sustainability the key to its growth.

The company said that its plan for the future aims to "harmonise driving pleasure with environmental and safety features".

Mazda’s primary focus will be to make full use of its partnership with Ford and improve the HEV system of its Hydrogen RE Hybrid.

Seita Kanai, Mazda’s senior executive officer in charge of development, said: "Mazda is committed to working towards a sustainable future that brings continued happiness and excitement to people in a global society."

Mr Kanai said that the company plans to do this by developing cars that "never fail to excite" with their visual appeal and the driving experience they offer to motorists.

A new technology development plan is being pursued to support Mazda’s vision for its future, which includes a drive to create "captivating design" and improve safety and environmental features.

The automaker is also seeking to make its products more eco-friendly by building cleaner engines and working to reduce vehicle weight.


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