Mazda celebrates milestone with limited edition vehicle

Automobile manufacturer Mazda is to commemorate 40 years since it first introduced a rotary-engine car onto the market.

The company is to release the RX-8 model as a way of celebrating the accomplishment, making it available in two special body colours and with badging indicative of the occasion.

However, the firm will only be releasing 400 of the vehicles in the UK, each uniquely numbered and being sold for £24,595 on-the-road.

According to Rob Lindley, managing director for Mazda UK, the vehicle has made its mark on the industry.

"Since its launch in 2003, the Mazda RX-8 has changed the face of the sports car market in the UK. It brings real motoring excitement to everyday family life," he said.

Mazda Motor Company was originally founded in 1920.

It is now an affiliate of US motor manufacturers Ford, which owns 33.9 per cent of the firm.


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