First-generation Mazda3 ‘thriving’ in the year that new model launches

Mazda has reported that its first-generation Mazda3 is thriving in the year that an all-new Mazda3 model is about to be launched.

It seems that the old model is going out with a bang, having shown year-on-year sales increases in each of the four years that it has been available.

The news suggests that it will be a popular car to sell for used Mazda dealers; if further evidence were needed then consider the fact that it has won 90 car awards since its 2003 debut.

The all-new Mazda3, which is due to hit European showrooms in spring, looks set to pick up the baton passed down to it by its speedy predecessor.

Its maker is confident that drivers will share its view that the car has a "more powerful emotional design with a richer expression and more dynamic stance".

Designers have introduce "subtly-curving" lines along the sides which apparently makes the model "appear to be about to run".

The Mazda3 is known as the Mazda Axela in Japan.

Written by Charlie King


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