Eco-friendly Mazda6 to receive world premiere

Mazda Motor Corporation will unveil its environmentally-friendly lightweight strategy when it shows off the Mazda6 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show next month.

The vehicle is more efficient and ethically-sound than its predecessor, producing less CO2 while using a smaller amount of fuel.

Similarly, the group will debut an all-new diesel variant of the pre-existing Mazda2 model.

Already on sale in the UK, the update will be lighter, more frugal and efficient.

"Mazda Motor Corporation will underscore its Sustainable Zoom-Zoom vision for developing technologies that have less impact on the environment," the company commented.

Meanwhile, the Mazda M5 range has gone on sale in Japan under the new name of the Premacy.

The company is expecting to hit its sales target of 1,800 units sold per month in the country across its Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships.


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