Land Rover supplies HA with 49 vehicles

British automaker Land Rover will be giving the Highways Agency (HA) 49 of its vehicles for road maintenance across the UK.

The HA turned to the company due to the towing and loading capacities of its models, in addition to its ability to take to the road in any weather conditions.

Having already worked with the police and ambulance teams in Britain in the past, the company has "a wealth of experience to share", according to Andy Griffiths, UK marketing director.

"[The training programme] has been designed to ensure that Officers are ready to cope with the worst that the British weather can throw at them," he said.

In 1948, Spencer and Maurice Wilks developed the Land Rover for British automaker Rover, in order to allow drivers to reach terrain inaccessible in any other vehicle.

According to the company’s website, it was "immensely popular for the get-go".


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