Land Rover updates “iconic” Defender

Land Rover has announced that it has made improvements to its Defender model for 2007, with upgrades making it "better-equipped to meet modern day needs".

The Defender has been updated with a new 2.4-litre common rail diesel engine, six-speed gearbox with wide ratio spread, a fully integrated facia, newly configured seating and a high-output heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

According to Land Rover, these changes will enhance off-road performance and improve comfort and refinement.

John Edwards, managing director of Land Rover UK, underlined the importance of the Defender to the brand, with an average of 6,000 units sold every year in the UK. There are already 800 pre-orders for the new 2007 model.

"It is also a symbol of our 4×4 heritage, a reminder of our roots and it plays a vital role in the lives of the 25,000 customers from all corners of the globe that buy one," Mr Edwards continued.

"Farmers, aid-workers, NGOs and explorers the world over value Defender’s versatility, its extraordinary strength, robustness and capability. The unique combination of these attributes helps account for the model’s exceptionally high levels of customer loyalty."

While there have been changes to the Defender, its architecture remains the same, with the chassis frame still available in three wheelbases and in both standard and heavy-duty form.


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