Kia to unveil sports coupe

An as-yet unnamed 2+2 sports coupe from Kia is set to be unveiled in Frankfurt this September, it emerged today.

Few details were given regarding the vehicle, except from an initial preview image and the fact it is the brainchild of the manufacturer’s chief design officer Peter Schreyer.

The South Korean firm currently offers a range of models, such as the Picanto and Sedona, which may be of interest to those looking for a suitable family car.

However, Mr Schreyer said he expected the automobile sector to be shocked when the new coupe is finally revealed.

"Kia has given me the opportunity to shape its whole brand design and character," he said. "Seldom does a designer have such a clean sheet to work with."

The term 2+2 – used to describe the new Kia vehicle – has traditionally been used to represent a style of car which has two seats in the front but enough space for two occasional passengers in the rear.


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