Women ‘prefer men with BMWs’

Women going on a first date would prefer their prospective suitor to drive a Mercedes or BMW rather than a Ferrari, new research has found.

Although car insurance firm LV= discovered that over four million men believed a "flashy sports car" would impress the ladies, less than one in ten females agreed with this statement.

And when it comes to women picking the men up before a date, the male respondents said they would rather be whisked away in a Porsche, Lotus or similar top of the range sports model.

"Our survey shows that pulling up in a smart car with a touch of luxury will flick more of the right switches than a flame red two-seater," said Martin Millner at LV=.

However, he added that whatever car a date drives, it is more important to be a sensible motorist.

LV=also supplies other products such as travel and home insurance.


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