Telford welcomes careful drivers

A survey of UK towns has shown a vast difference between the welcome which visiting and residential car drivers are given. By studying petrol prices, car-parking charges for two hours, speed camera positioning around the approaches and the incidence of unsolved car crime, Telford came out top of the most driver-friendly destinations for shoppers and day trippers.

Northampton, unfortunately, came 50th (last) in the poll, mainly due to the sheer lack of parking places for a town of its size, but also for high petrol prices and a high recorded level of crime.

Scott Mowbray of Virgin Money said: "The UK’s 33 million motorists face many frustrations.

"The number of speeding tickets issued to motorists has almost trebled in the last ten years and petrol prices continue to soar. It’s easy to see why for many, motoring has evolved from a pleasure to an exercise in survival on the roads. Although no town or city is perfect, thankfully there are still some pockets of the country that are still suitable for a Sunday drive."

Hull has no speed cameras on its roads, yet Reading recorded the highest amount outside London. The costliest parking is in Bristol, although its petrol prices are fairly reasonable. Swindon came out the safest place to park – its car crime statistics put it top of the list.


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