New Ford gear-shift indicator ‘could save drivers money’

Ford has highlighted the fact that the new gear-shift indicator in its Ford Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo ECOnetic models could save drivers money by leading to smoother driving.

The indicator could prove to be another selling point for used Ford dealers.

Tim Winstanley, Ford diesel powertrain manager, commented: "Many drivers could improve their fuel economy significantly by changing gear earlier. The indicator provides drivers with a helpful aid to using less fuel and encourages a smoother driving style."

A shift indicator will be added to the Ford Focus ECOnetic early next year and is already fitted as standard to the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic and Mondeo ECOnetic models.

The system operates by measuring the way the car is being driven, recording the road gradient and sensing the vehicle load and individual driving style.

When all these factors are computed the technology identifies the most suitable gear change point.

Ford believes that up to £325 per year could be saved by the average motorist by using smarter driving techniques and employing Ford technology.

Written by Roxy Moran


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