Ford Mondeo’s ACC ‘creates comfort’

"The overriding benefit" of adaptive cruise control (ACC) technology is comfort, according to Ford, which has provided the equipment in its new Mondeo model.

ACC also removes the need for drivers to constantly adjust their speed in changing traffic conditions, the manufacturer states.

It is suggested that the Mondeo guarantees those behind the wheel "smooth and stress-free travel" because of the new high-tech function.

Radar technology, which is fitted behind the Mondeo’s front grille, is used to automatically slow down the car if the vehicle in front reduces its speed or another driver steers into the gap.

Volker Weinhold, Ford active safety supervisor, remarked: "Collision mitigation is another benefit [of ACC], with audible and visual alerts warning of situations that may lead to a collision.

"This collision mitigation feature is integrated into ACC, preparing the car’s braking system for immediate action."

Ford Mondeo was recently named Top Gear’s family car of the year.


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