Ford Mondeo tops company car poll

When it comes to business cars, used Ford Mondeos from recent years take some beating, a new study has found.

While early versions of the country’s most popular company car were criticised in the poll carried out by the Leasedrive Velo Group, later models received a largely positive reaction, with many of the motorists polled claiming that Ford has made the best car they have ever driven in its class.

Indeed, 13 per cent of those questioned considered a used Ford Mondeo to be the best company car they had ever driven, with just eight per cent opting for a used BMW 3 Series and four per cent for a used Volkswagen Passat.

Commenting on the study’s findings, Roddy Graham, commercial director at Leasedrive Velo Group, said: "Without question the majority of respondents who singled out the Ford Mondeo as the worst company car they had ever driven were recalling earlier versions as the latest model has received widespread acclaim and is also considered the best company car driven by our sample."

Highlighting its popularity among family drivers, Ford’s car gave birth to the term ‘Mondeo Man’ in the 1990s, in reference to males in their mid-20s on the verge of settling into a life of domestic routine.


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