Ford Mondeo best and worst company car

When it comes to buying a company car, recent research suggests that businesses can’t make their mind up over whether to purchase a used Ford Mondeo.

Some 600 motorists were surveyed by the Leasedrive Velo Group, with the results of the poll showing that the Mondeo is both the best and worst company car.

The results showed that 13 per cent of respondents considered the Mondeo to be the best company car they had ever gotten behind the wheel of, while 11 per cent believed it was the worst.

Other company cars that were ranked highly were a used BMW 3-Series, which eight per cent believed was the best, while seven per cent thought a used Volkswagen Golf was the top model to have.

Roddy Graham, commercial director at Leasedrive Velo Group, said that he believed many who ranked the Ford Mondeo as the worst must have had experience of driving an old model from the fleet.

He added: "The latest model has received widespread acclaim and is also considered the best company car driven by our sample."

Top Gear magazine stated in a recent review of the Ford Mondeo that for a man it was like shopping at "Paul Smith rather than M&S".


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