New Ford Ka to star in next Bond movie

James Bond will have a hot new model to slaver over in his next movie, Quantum of Solace – the new Ford Ka.

The cheeky little vehicle will share screen space with its owner Camille, played by Olga Kurylenko.

Camille is the type of woman that Ford would build if they built women instead of cars – feisty and good in tight corners.

Gold-fingered Ford paint-sprayers have toiled for hours to give the new Quantum of Solace Ka its unique colour and after its screen appearance sales of the motor are expected to fly.

Arguably nobody does it better than Ford when it comes to building Bond-mobiles – the latest Ford Mondeo starred in the 2006 blockbuster Casino Royale.

It is now twelve years since the original Ford Ka entered the market and its makers will be hoping that its successor will repeat its impact.

Further technical details of the new Ford Ka will be revealed closer to launch later in 2008, while Quantum of Solace is due to hit UK screens on the last day of October.


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