Ford Focus drivers told to check insurance ahead of scrappage scheme involvement

Motorists considering trading in their used Ford Focus as part of the government scrappage scheme have been told to consider the impact it may have on their car insurance first.

Great deals can be taken advantage of by motorists, as they can agree to scrap their ten-year-old used car for a £2,000 discount on a new vehicle fresh out of the showroom.

However, Mark Monteiro, insurance expert at, has revealed that car insurance could significantly increase on a new vehicle.

He said: "Any motorists tempted to take advantage of the car scrappage scheme should research the cost of insuring their desired new vehicle as a matter of priority, as the cost could be significantly higher than they are currently paying for their old banger."

An example can be witnessed as a male 40-year-old driver with nine years no claims could pay 29.9 per cent more to insure a new Ford Focus compared to a 1999 Ford Focus Zetec.

According to Ford, the new Focus has bold styling which is "confident, contemporary and utterly distinctive".


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