Ford to produce EcoBoost engine in Bridgend

Ford has announced it will produce the next generation low CO2, 1.6-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine at its high-tech Bridgend plant in Wales.

The new engines will start production within the next two years, demonstrating Ford’s commitment to affordable and customer-orientated technology.

It is further good news for the plant where £315 million has been invested over the last five years.

The 1.6-litre engines will be the first of a new generation of global power-trains known as EcoBoost. They feature turbo-charging and direct-injection technology, and will be installed in both the Mondeo and the Fiesta.

Commenting on his company’s decision, John Fleming, Ford of Europe chairman and chief executive officer, said: "The Bridgend team will play an important role in delivering these new engines, which add an innovative ingredient to petrol engine technology and deliver a combination of low emissions and efficient performance that will be vital to meet future customer needs around the world."

According to Ford, their EcoBoost petrol engines will have improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions without sacrificing driving performance.

Written by Neil Grayson


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