Ford Fiesta is cheap to run

Motorists looking for a cheap to maintain run-around vehicle in the current economic climate should look at the 2008 Ford Fiesta, according to a blog.

A blog on Love For Cars has indicated that motorists will struggle to find a vehicle offering lower running costs than the Ford Fiesta.

It reveals that motorists will be buying a car in a cheap insurance grouping, while servicing and maintenance to put the vehicle right is also described as "affordable".

In addition, a reduction in the amount of CO2 generated means that most models fall into a lower tax banding, with the least powerful engines liable to reduce insurance bills further.

The blog also indicates that Fiesta’s tend to be easy to sell on when a driver sets their sights on a new vehicle and overall it is a "safe bet".

Channel Four highlighted in its review of the Ford Fiesta that the vehicle is cheap to buy and run, while also commenting that it is comfortable and refined and fun to drive.


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