Ford Fiesta has ‘amusingly’ powerful engine

Buyers who opt for the biggest petrol offering in the Ford Fiesta range will be driving a vehicle that is "powerful enough to be amusing", according to one reviewer.

Writing for Car Keys, David Finlay states that the Ford Fiesta 1.6 Titanium five-door provides a driver with excellent grip on the road, which is boosted by the inclusion of a softly-sprung suspension.

He also indicated that this grip means that the Fiesta is an "astonishingly capable car for fast driving over difficult roads".

A further remark made by Mr Finlay is that in the past he has been accustomed to driving petrol versions of the Ford Fiesta, with this drive leading to the conclusion that petrol offerings are "several steps ahead" in terms of handling.

Meanwhile, Mr Finlay also mirrored other comments on the Fiesta that the quality offered is superior to past models in the range and the vehicle is "comfortable up front".

At the What Car? awards, the Ford Fiesta was crowned ‘Car of the Year’ for 2009, alongside being voted as the ‘Best Supermini’.


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