New BMW M3 concept released

The new BMW M3 concept car is being showcased at the 77th International Motor Show in Geneva, which is being held between March 8th and 18th.

Although the new model is inspired by the new BMW 3 Series Coupe, it possesses a host of new features.

Innovative elements of the new car include bespoke rear bumper and spoiler designs, a special bonnet and side skirts and double strut exterior mirrors.

The BMW M3 also incorporates new weight-saving technology, with the roof being a good example of this.

The car’s carbon fibre reinforced plastic roof, inspired by BMW’s experience in Formula One, has the advantage of being lighter than conventional steel roofs.

Utilising this technology, BMW has produced a model which possesses better balance than previous models.

The M3 Concept Car also features a V8 engine which may be used if the car goes into production.


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