BMW Show Art of Driving

BMW, Boris Johnson and a Shoreditch Car Park are the unlikely bedfellows for a new art exhibition taking place between July 21st and August 4th.

As part of the 2012 London Festival, a collection of BMW cars will be on show transformed by the likes of Lichtenstein, Warhol, Fuchs, Rauschenberg, Koons and Hockney.

Six floors of the NCP Car Park on London’s Great Eastern Street will show the BMW Art Car Collection decorated by 16 famous artists (though nothing has been said about how much NCP will charge for parking that long!)

BMW’s Art Car Collection started in 1975 when French driver/auctioneer Hervé Poulain asked artist and friend Alexander Calder to add his decoration to the racing car that ultimately competed in that year’s Le Mans.

In 1995, David Hockney painted the inside of the car on the outside, revealing everything from internal engine parts to a dog in the back. Rauschenberg incorporated photographic transfers of Ingres paintings; Warhol and Lichtenstein used the canvas of the car to portray speed.


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