BMW Hydrogen 7 presented to deputy mayor

BMW’s Hydrogen 7 was presented to deputy London mayor Nicky Gavron at City Hall this week in a move hoped to raise awareness of hydrogen as an alternative energy source for the automotive industry.

John Hollis, head of government and industrial affairs for BMW, handed the car over for the use of the deputy mayor.

The manufacturer claims that hydrogen, which it describes as an "efficient and clean form of power supply", could be the way forward for motoring, as the only by-product of hydrogen engines is water vapour.

Mr Hollis said: "BMW is a pioneer in the development and use of hydrogen as a fuel source and shares the vision of the mayor and deputy mayor that London should be one of the world centres for hydrogen.

"In recognition of the work the mayor’s office has done in this field, BMW would like it to be the first public organisation in the country to have the use of a Hydrogen 7 car."

Deputy mayor Gavron said he was committed to cleaner technologies such as hydrogen power which reduce harmful emissions.

"I am pleased to have this opportunity to try out the BMW Hydrogen 7 car," he added.


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