BMW 3 Series: ‘the most reliable car in the UK’

BMW’s biggest-selling model range, the 3 Series, has been voted the most reliable car in a poll of Britain’s vehicle leasing companies.

The survey, which examined the reliability history of nearly 900,000 vehicles in 2008, also found that BMW was the most reliable manufacturer overall.

The news will make the job of used BMW dealers even easier.

A total of 881,000 cars were assessed according to the number of breakdowns per 100 of each type of model on each leasing company’s fleet.

Fleet News, which conducted the research, pointed out that BMW’s success is all the more noteworthy when considering that Japanese car manufacturers traditionally top reliability surveys.

Far East firms still had a big presence in the top ten. The Toyota Avensis came second in the poll, the Honda Accord was third and the Honda Civic claimed eighth place.

The Volkswagen Golf finished a respectable fourth, the Ford Focus was in ninth and the ever-popular Audi A4 just made the top ten.

Written by Roxy Moran


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