BMW 3-Series fans to be given increased performance

Improved performance is to be available from the BMW 3-Series offerings from the spring as a result of the development of a new range.

A new BMW Performance range helps to boost the engine of the vehicles in a number of ways, allowing motorists to benefit from greater power.

Power is to be enhanced through an engine upgrade increasing brake horsepower by 20hp to 326hp.

Meanwhile, an air intake system can be developed for all six-cylinder petrol units to boost engine output and "engine breathing" is advanced through a filter insert and internal air ducting.

Vented brake discs will also help drivers contain their power, while chassis rigidity is enhanced through the inclusion of a carbon fibre strut brace between the front suspension turrets.

According to BMW, the range is "aimed at customers who want to enhance the driving dynamics of the class-leading 3 Series further".

Motorists looking for the most power may wish to consider the BMW 335d SE, which can accelerate from still to 62 miles per hour in six seconds.


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