Seat 600 celebrates half-century

Seat is celebrating the birthday of one of the most important cars in Spanish history.

The Seat 600 is 50 years old in 2007 and is of large social and cultural value to the country, as the firm has sold 800,000 units over its 16-year lifespan while it and the models that followed it became synonymous with the Spanish experience.

Originally designed by Dante Giacosam, the Seat 600 was powered with 21.5 HP and an initial 633 cylinder capacity.

This might be a far cry from the Auto Emocion standards the company now espouses but Giacosam’s ergonomically designed dashboard and steering wheel placement would not be out of place today.

"The Seat 600 had such a profound influence on the life of the Spanish people, it still provides material for social science scholars today," reads a press release from the firm.

Meanwhile, Seat made history again this year, this time by entering the first diesel-powered car into the World Touring Car Championship.


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