Chevrolet Aveo to roll out in Frankfurt

The new Aveo from Chevrolet will be unveiled at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Boasting a dramatically-styled exterior and a horizontally-split radiator grille, the car’s futuristic appeal is further boosted by its curved glass headlamps at the front and rear.

The machine is similar in looks to Chevrolet’s WTCC Ultra concept vehicle, a model which first appeared at the Paris Motor Show in 2006.

What sets it apart is the new high class cabin, furnished with soft-touch quality plastics and fabrics.

Consumers will be able to pick from two engines at launch, a fuel-efficient 1.2-litre unit and a sturdier 1.4-litre powerplant, which will also come with automatic transmission when the car goes on sale in Spring 2008.

A number of Chevrolet vehicles featured in this summer’s blockbuster Transformers.

The Chevrolet Camero was possibly the most notable and will join the Aveo at dealerships when it is re-released in 2008.


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