Key worker breakdown cover

Breakdown cover for key workers

Save up to 40% on breakdown cover if you're an NHS or eligible key worker – available online only.*

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More UK drivers choose the AA than any other major UK breakdown cover service1

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More dedicated mobile mechanics than any other UK breakdown service2

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Electric and hybrid vehicles covered at no extra cost

How it works

Get up to 40% off breakdown cover as a thank you for your tireless work and commitment. Check our list to see if you’re an eligible key worker.

    • Get breakdown cover for your needs; save 25% on personal, 30% on joint, 35% on vehicle and 40% on family cover.
    • Have peace of mind with expert patrols and the only Which? recommended service provider for 6 years running.
    • Verify your key worker status below to unlock your exclusive discount.

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Good to know
*Save up to 40% on breakdown cover

Offer only available to key worker customers by clicking on the link provided. Discount based on online prices as of 4 July 2023. Offer available to new AA customers only and is valid for their first 12 months of membership. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer/discount or on any other AA product/service. Details correct at time of issue. 40% discount applies for all family roadside packages. Other discounts apply as follows:

  • 25% off all personal roadside packages
  • 30% off all joint roadside packages
  • 35% of all vehicle roadside packages
Eligible key workers are defined as:
  • NHS staff
  • Paramedics
  • Any teacher who works for a registered nursery, school, university, or college
  • Current or veteran UK military personnel
  • Police
  • Fire service
  • HM Prison staff

1Source: AA Intermediate Co Limited Interim Report 2023 (3.3m paid personal members) and RAC Bidco Limited Interim Report HY 2023 (2.7m consumer members). Verify at

2Source: AA Annual Report 2023 (2,700 patrols) and RAC Class A Prospectus 2023 (1,750 patrols). Verify at

Your callout levels may affect future renewals. Automobile Association Insurance Services Limited is an insurance intermediary authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered office: Fanum House, Basing View, Basingstoke, RG21 4EA. Registered in England and Wales, number 2414212.

Policy documents

Our breakdown cover policy documents give you the terms and conditions of the contracts that make up AA Breakdown Membership and AA Breakdown Repair Cover (Parts and Garage Cover).

They are split into two parts:

  1. the policy
  2. the membership arrangement and administration contract

AA Breakdown Membership

AA Breakdown Membership Terms and Conditions Booklet – July 2023

AA Breakdown Repair Cover (Parts and Garage Cover)

AA Breakdown Repair Cover Terms and Conditions Booklet – November 2021

Member Extras

Member Extras Terms and Conditions Booklet – November 2021

Paying for your cover
Can I add more cars to my vehicle cover?

Our vehicle cover is for 1 car. You’ll need to give us the details of the car you want to cover when you take out your policy. We’ll then come out if that car breaks down, no matter who’s driving it.

You can’t add extra cars onto your vehicle based cover. But if you want to be covered in multiple vehicles, then our personal based cover might suit you. 

  • Cover for you - Covers you as a driver or passenger in any vehicle.
  • Cover for two people - Joint cover for you and someone you live with, as drivers or passengers in any vehicle.
  • Family cover - Covers you, and up to 3 other people you live with, as drivers or passengers in any vehicle.

Find out more about breakdown cover for multiple cars.

Will I be covered in someone else's vehicle?

No. Vehicle cover only applies to 1 vehicle and you’ll need to tell us in advance which vehicle you want to cover. If you’re driving someone else’s car, you won’t be covered.

If you want cover in other people's vehicles, then personal cover may suit you.

Should I choose personal or vehicle cover?

We offer 2 options for breakdown cover. You can pick the cover level which you think suits you best when you buy a cheap breakdown cover policy with us.

Vehicle cover lets you choose 1 vehicle to cover on your breakdown policy. Anyone who drives that car will be covered if they break down, even if the policyholder isn’t there.

Personal cover will cover you in any vehicle, as a driver or passenger. You don’t need to pick a car to cover or give us your number plate. But it won’t cover other people driving your car. And you have to be in the broken-down car to be able to call us out.

How do I choose the right cover?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re choosing your level of breakdown cover:

  • Does my household have more than 1 car?
  • Do different family members share the same car?
  • Do I usually drive the same car or different cars?
  • Do I have children I'd like to cover as passengers?

Personal cover might be the best choice if you have more than 1 car in your household. It could also suit you if you often drive different cars or you'd like to cover your kids when they travel with other people.

If you always drive the same car, or if you share your car with other people, then vehicle cover might suit you better.

Get advice on how to compare breakdown cover.

What are the different types of breakdown cover?

Personal cover works if you’d like cover in multiple vehicles:

You can add more people to your personal cover as long as they live with you:

You can choose to cover 1 vehicle for anyone who drives it:

For more information about the different levels of cover, read our breakdown cover guide.

How do I find out what type of cover I have?

If you already have cover with us but can’t remember if it’s personal or vehicle, don’t worry. You can log in to your account to check your cover.

Compare breakdown cover

Learn more about choosing the right cover for you in our guide on how to compare breakdown cover. Plus, find out what’s included in breakdown cover from the AA vs RAC.

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