AA Mult-Fit Wheel

The AA's multi-fit spare wheel solution

Innovative solution for cars that don't have a spare wheel

AA Multi-fit Wheel

December 2019

AA Multi-fit Wheel

We developed our Multi-Fit wheel as an innovative solution for vehicles not normally equipped with a spare wheel. We launched the wheel in 2016 and since then it has had over 185 thousand fitments. Our patrols use the Multi-Fit wheel solution on a daily basis enabling approximately 1k customers per week to continue their journey following a puncture in the quickest and smartest way.

Multifit on etron Multifit kit

Due to its unique innovative hub design the wheel fits approximately 90% of cars that don’t carry a spare wheel as standard. The wheel hub design is easily upgradeable to suit new models as they are released ensuring we have solutions for the future.

We have now developed a second-generation Heavy Duty version of the Multi-Fit wheel to fit larger Cars, SUVs Vans and more. With a higher load rating the wheel can carry more weight and is reverse compatible with the existing wheel so we can even offer a solution for double punctures or even triple punctures where a spare is provided!

Such is the success of the Multi-Fit wheel roadside assistance clubs across Europe are now using the AA Multi-Fit wheel as a solution.

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