Easter Getaway 2023

Up to 15 million car trips a day expected over Easter as drivers face wet conditions

Getaway traffic to peak on Saturday (8 April) with at least 15 million journeys

Traffic is to peak on Saturday 8 April with at least 15 million* car journeys taking place, as Brits seek to join family and friends for the Easter break. However, with wet weather predicted, the AA is advising drivers to slow down to avoid aquaplaning on motorways and major A roads.

Drivers and families will remain hopeful that the Easter weekend won’t be a complete washout, but the AA is encouraging drivers to take their time should the forecast remain gloomy. As well as standing water and slippery streets, drivers should remember that stopping distances increase when there is rain and vehicles carry more weight. 

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Traffic expectations 

Bank holiday traffic will peak on Saturday (8 April), with around 15 million* of Britain’s drivers planning to use their cars. Easter Sunday will see around one in seven (14%) taking the opportunity to visit friends and family, with a quarter (25%) of 18–24-year-olds most likely to travel for this reason, closely followed by one-fifth (22%) of drivers aged 25-34. 

Easter Monday is predicted to be the quietest single day but will still see around 12.5 million cars* on the roads with 15% of those intending to drive still undecided about where they’ll be heading.

Interestingly, with unfavourable weather in store, one in twenty (5%) still intend to travel by road to the coast or countryside for leisure purposes at some point over the weekend. Drivers, especially those using country roads, are advised to be on the lookout for vulnerable road users as poor weather often hinders driver visibility.

Breakdown advice

Nick Powell, AA Patrol of the Year, said: “With the Easter weekend being the first opportunity of the year for some real family time, it’s tempting to throw the bags in the boot and get going. But whether you’re visiting family or indulging in some retail therapy, it’s important to prepare your car for the journey before heading off.

“A few simple checks could stop car trouble from interrupting your plans so it’s well worth taking ten minutes to check your oil, coolant and windscreen wash levels. Ensure you have plenty of fuel or EV charge in case of long delays and check all the lights are working. Finally, before hitting the road – check the tyre pressures (check when tyres are cold and increase pressure for heavy loads if necessary) and tread depth – not forgetting the spare if you have one. If you’re towing a caravan or trailer, check tyres for cracks or bulges, especially if they’ve been left standing for a while.

Pack the essentials: “As well as your snacks, drinks and road trip playlist, and car games, pack some must-haves for long journeys like a sat-nav or atlas, a fully charged mobile phone and any time-dependent medication in case of delays. Having adequate breakdown cover in place before you travel could offer peace of mind, no matter how far you’re travelling.

“AA members can download the free AA app as this is the quickest way to report a breakdown and will get one of our expert patrols to you quicker. It can also be used to find the cheapest fuel nearby and to access exclusive discounts at thousands of family restaurants and pubs.

Plan your route: “Allow plenty of extra time for the journey as the roads will be busy. Check your route on AA Route Planner before you go and try to travel when it’s quieter – early morning or later evening are best if you want to beat the rush.”



“Up to 15 million car trips a day expected over Easter as drivers face wet conditions.”


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*Comparative figures with the number of registered vehicles in the UK (33.1 million) in September 2022 – Vehicle licensing statistics: July to September 2022 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

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