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This is what the AA has been saying in 2012

The AA is the UK’s leading breakdown service with more dedicated patrols than anyone else. We provide personal financial services including motor and home insurance, loans, credit card and savings, and we are the largest independent travel publisher in the UK.

We provide driver training for all with AA Driving School, The British School of Motoring (BSM) and with AA DriveTech for commercial drivers.

AA Public Affairs helps guide and shape motoring policy and campaigns on behalf of members and motorists.

Beat the return-to-work blues – tips for keeping the first commute of 2013 stress-free
The return to work on Wednesday (2 January) is expected to be one of the busiest days of 2013 for breakdowns, says the AA. We're likely to attend up to 17,000 call-outs – around 60% busier than normal.
(28 December 2012)

Teenagers time out in the toilet – texting is most common for the convenience

Recent research reveals 16 and 17 year olds spend 43% longer on the loo every day than their elders. More than half the time they spend there is 'wasted' on extracurricular activities such as texting, using social-networking sites or playing smartphone games.

(27 December 2012)

2012 in the AA's ‘rear-view’ mirror
An Olympic year for breakdowns, windscreens, wasps and nights away in hotels.
(24 December 2012)

AA breakdown update - dealing with the aftermath of Thursday's flooding, and braced for the weekend
The AA’s flood rescue Land Rovers were kept busy on Friday dealing with the aftermath of Thursday's flooding. Although the volume of flood-related work was significantly less than on Thursday, the AA is braced for a weekend of weather-related disruption with Saturday (22/12) being the main concern.
(21 December 2012)

No decorations please, we're British - but most neighbourhoods have at least one resident who goes over-the-top
Most neighbourhoods have at least one resident who goes over-the-top at Christmas. But instead of getting into the festive spirit, over a quarter (28%) of Brits would be unhappy if their neighbour had a Christmas display outside their home.
(21 December 2012)

Gender neutral insurance - unfair insurance Christmas present from EU
The European Court of Justice gender ruling comes into effect at midnight on Friday 21 December is unfair, but it’s not all bad news for drivers. While men are likely to see premium discounts, in some cases average premiums based on occupation or age, can lead to lower premiums for women as well.
(21 December 2012)

December fuel price report - petrol prices across the UK are almost exactly back to where they started the year
Two 10p-a-litre price swings, one in the spring and again in the autumn, have left drivers spending on average almost £1.50 a tank more for petrol and £1.75 a tank more for diesel throughout 2012, compared to 2011.
(21 December 2012)

AA breakdown update- heavy rain and flash flooding causing widespread disruption on roads
The Christmas getaway started in a blur of torrential rain for many drivers this morning with the weather causing widespread problems on the roads, reports the AA.
(20 December 2012)

AA Streetwatch Survey - fewer potholes, but still more than six per mile of road
A local authority blitz on potholes has improved UK roads, the latest on-the-ground survey by AA Streetwatchers has found. However, local roads are still blighted by an average of 6.25 per mile and winter is yet to show its worst.
(19 December 2012)

Festive travel and weather advice
Delays on major trunk routes are expected from Thursday as the great British getaway starts, says AA Roadwatch and Trafficmaster. Commuter traffic will ease off through the week and with most schools breaking up on Friday, getaway traffic will peak that afternoon and Saturday.
(18 December 2012)

AA warns of 'one-eyed monsters' as AA patrols report seeing many cars with blown bulbs
Poor visibility in fog is one of the greatest fears of motorists yet AA patrols report seeing many drivers dicing with death by driving with defective lights. Recent freezing fog should serve as a reminder to all drivers to check their lights, ensure they’re clean and have spare bulbs handy.
(12 December 2012)

Cold snap surge in home emergency claims
As December temperatures take a dive and look set to continue, the AA is urging homeowners to protect their homes from the freezing weather.
(12 December 2012)

Drivers risk losing their iced-up cars - AA AutoWindshields warns of ‘frosting’ car thefts
Research for AA AutoWindshields has shown that two-fifths (40%) of drivers let their car’s engine clear icy screens before they drive off. But they are at serious risk of losing their car if they pop back indoors and leave the engine running, even for a moment.
(12 December 2012)

Whiplash injury claims - AA welcomes Ministry of Justice proposals to end whiplash fraud
A significant contributory factor fuelling car insurance premium increases has been a sharp rise in the cost and value of injury claims at a time when the number of crashes in Britain’s roads has been falling and car safety has improved.
(11 December 2012)

One fifth of drivers admit risking drink driving as AA and Pernod Ricard UK launch drink drive campaign
Nearly one in five drivers (19%) admit to having taken a risk by drink driving at Christmas, according to a new AA/Populus poll of over 22,000 drivers launched at the start of a joint AA/Pernod Ricard anti drink drive campaign.
(11 December 2012)

AA welcomes Chancellor Osborne’s decision to cancel January fuel duty hike
Big Ben’s chimes ringing in a nearly £2-a-tank hike in petrol and diesel prices would have backfired on the Government and economy,” says Edmund King, the AA’s president.
(5 December 2012)

Autumn statement - AA calls on Government to tackle inflated fuel costs not hike duty
The AA argues that, rather than adding a further 3.6p duty with VAT to the cost of a litre of petrol and diesel in January, the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on Wednesday should cancel the increase and look to boosting its tax-take by tackling the bloated cost of petrol.
(3 December 2012)

AA welcomes launch of this year's Christmas drink drive campaign
This year's THINK! drink drive Christmas TV campaign runs from 4 December and is timed to coincide with Association of Chief Police Officer’s (ACPO) Christmas enforcement activity.
(30 November 2012)

AA phone boxes - 2012 marks the centenary of the famous lighthouses of the road
With 4G mobile phone services all the talk at the moment, the AA is recalling a bygone age as it marks the centenary of the famous AA roadside telephone box with an appeal to trace old AA boxes.
(29 November 2012)

Used car flood danger - flood-damaged cars store up potentially fatal problems
Estimating that insurers could be facing claims for up to £14 million for cars written-off by recent weather, AA insurance says that cars which have been immersed in water may seem undamaged but can store up potentially fatal faults.
(28 November 2012)

MOT certifcate's ticking timebomb - check mileage record carefully
Car owners who put their vehicle in for an MOT test and fail to check the mileage on the new certificate, introduced last week, may inadvertently end up with their own ‘clocked’ car, warns the AA. The new certificate carries up to three of the previous recorded mileages.
(28 November 2012)

Floods - breakdown update
Saturday night and Sunday morning was the AA’s busiest period so far for flood-related call-outs - more so than Wednesday at its peak.
(26 November 2012)

Breakdown update as widespread flooding affects the UK
Heavy rain and localised flooding on Wednesday caused major problems on the roads in a swathe from Gloucester to Plymouth. The AA's ‘Special Operations’ flood rescue crews were despatched to the area.
(22 November 2012)

EU Gender Directive update - industry-wide life insurance pricing may change
From 21 December 2012, new European legislation means that insurance companies will no longer be able to take gender into account when pricing insurance policies. Historically, women have paid less for life insurance than men, but this is likely to change at the end of this year.
(20 November 2012)

Speed awareness courses - attending should not be penalised by increasing premiums in the same way as a fixed penalty

The AA has reacted with astonishment at news that at least one motor insurer increases its customers’ car insurance premiums if they have attended a speed awareness course, treating them in a similar way to those accepting a statutory three-point penalty and £60 fine.
(20 November 2012)

November fuel price report - rip-off pump prices and that Groundhog Day feeling
Anyone who has been asleep or abroad for the past six months and bought petrol in the past few days should be forgiven for thinking that the UK’s rip-off pump prices had been frozen in time, the latest AA Fuel Price Report concludes.
(16 November 2012)

There was no place like home - unsentimental parents turn children's bedrooms into games rooms or gyms
Young people leaving the family home may be surprised to learn that a 85% of parents can't wait to repurpose their children's bedrooms.
(15 November 2012)

Road rage - AA calls for tribal harmony on the roads
Motorists are most likely to feel angry with other car drivers when driving rather than other road users, according to a new AA/Populous poll of over 20,000 drivers launched at the Road Safety GB national conference.
(14 November 2012)

The AA Charitable Trust’s ‘Drive Confident’ wins Prince Michael International Road Safety Award
Development and promotion of a free driving course for rusty and nervous drivers has helped the AA Charitable Trust win a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, announced at the Road Safety GB Conference in London on 14 November.
(14 November 2012)

Car insurance and gender - a quarter of Brits still unaware that insurers will no longer be able to take gender into account
With only weeks to go before a European Court of Justice ruling takes effect that means car insurers can no longer take gender into account when calculating premiums, a quarter of Brits are still unaware of this fundamental change or of its likely impact while an astonishing 40% have ‘no idea’ when it will happen.
(12 November 2012)

AA Route Planner centenary - from handwritten cards in 1912 to 1.5 billion online routes
The AA Route Planner is celebrating its centenary year with its 1.5 billionth online route. The route that marked the service's 1.5 billionth request was to Gatwick airport, perhaps not that surprising as Gatwick Airport is the overall most popular destination.
(9 November 2012)

Parking phobias - parallel parking causes drivers across the country to doubt their skills
A plague of parking phobias is blighting the skills and confidence of UK drivers, according to the AA Driving School. Parallel parking is causing drivers across the country to doubt their skills, with one in six (16%) saying they're not confident with the manoeuvre..
(31 October 2012)

AA DriveTech sponsors important safety conference
The specialist post-test training arm of the AA, AA DriveTech, is a title sponsor of the forthcoming National Road Safety Conference, which takes place at the Britannia International Hotel at Canary Wharf in London on November 14/15.
(22 October 2012)

AA gears up for electric car breakdowns
If your electric vehicle runs out of power, the AA could come to the rescue with the equivalent of a 'gallon of petrol' via a portable fast charger - just one initiative being tested as the AA invests around £750,000 training its patrols on the most comprehensive collection of electric and hybrid vehicles in the UK.
(19 October 2012)

October fuel price report - UK knocked off its ‘cheapest European petrol’ perch
As UK pump prices sit stubbornly within 4p of the record prices earlier this year, the UK industry’s boast that it sells the cheapest petrol before tax has been severely dented by the impact of fuel price regulation on the Continent, the AA Fuel Price Report has uncovered.
(19 October 2012)

Streetwatchers on the march - AA organises ‘people’s audit’ of potholes and cycling hazards
AA members are on the march again this October carrying out a ‘people’s audit’ of the state of the roads in their neighbourhoods. This time they will also be asked to spot problems which would be hazardous for cyclists.
(16 October 2012)

AA DriveTech at EuroBus Expo 2012
The AA will be represented by its risk management and road safety consultancy, AA DriveTech, at the most important bus and coach shows in Europe, EuroBus Expo, which takes place between November 6th and 8th at the NEC Birmingham.
(16 October 2012)

Dartford Crossing - Sunday’s toll hike is an unacceptable road charge
Sunday’s 33% hike in the cost of using the Dartford crossing, used by 140 million motorists each year, to £2 should not go ahead. To take an extra £20 million from drivers each year, while they sit in queues with no firm plans for a new crossing, is unacceptable.
(5 October 2012)

Steady decline in petrol sales continues - down half a billion litres in second quarter
Petrol sales in the UK continued their steady decline during the first half of this year, the AA confirms from new government statistics. Following a temporary lift in forecourt volumes during the first quarter, caused by panic buying during the tanker drivers’ dispute, the drop in petrol retail sales returned with a vengeance in the second.
(3 October 2012)

AA DriveTech acquires Peak Performance
AA DriveTech, the post-test driver training arm of the AA, has acquired Chesterfield-based driver training specialists Peak Performance for an undisclosed sum.
(3 October 2012)

Older drivers urged to talk to health care providers about continuing driving
The AA Charitable Trust wants drivers to make sure they speak to their doctor, pharmacist, optician (or other relevant professional) if they are unsure about a prescription’s affect on their driving ability. Drivers should also make sure they ask whether any conditions or changes in their health mean they should stop driving.
(1 October 2012)

Latest road accident figures- more than one in 14 drivers admit to driving even though they thought they were over the alcohol limit
More than one in 14 drivers admit to driving even though they thought they were over the alcohol limit, the government’s latest annual report of road traffic accidents in the UK reveals today. The figures led to the Automobile Association again calling on drivers not to drink at all if they are considering driving.
(27 September 2012)

Floods update Wednesday - AA attended 144 cars driven through or stuck in flood water and around 6,400 breakdowns nationally
The AA has received more than 40 claims for homes damaged by storm or flood in just two days. In addition, there was a 12% jump in motor claims on Tuesday (25/09), many associated with collisions in downpours and poor visibility as well as some cars swamped by floods.
(26 September 2012)

AA has attended 230 cars driven through or stuck in flood water so far today
Flood-related work is concentrated in north-east England, particularly around Scotch Corner.Breakdowns are currently coming in at around 850 every hour.
(25 September 2012)

Floods cause road and rail problems – AA breakdown update
The AA has attended around 8,300 breakdowns nationally, including 239 flood water-related call-outs. Breakdowns are currently coming in at more than 1,000 every hour (peaking at more than 1,400 this morning).
(24 September 2012)

September fuel price report - diesel drivers pay premium as pump prices near record
Filling up a typical 50-litre petrol or diesel fuel tank has gone up more than £2 in the past month. Diesel is 4.4p a litre more expensive than petrol, but AA research has uncovered a petrol-diesel wholesale price gap that is much closer and calls into question the high price of diesel at the pump.
(19 September 2012)

AA DriveTech at Commercial Motor Live
AA DriveTech, the post-test driver training arm of the AA, will have a presence at Commercial Motor Live [Millbrook Proving Ground, October3-4].
(19 September 2012)

Gas safety concern - carbon monoxide ignorance highlighted by new research
Millions of householders are unprotected from carbon monoxide (CO) leaks in their home and are unaware of the signs of carbon monoxide leaks or even poisoning, according to the latest research from the AA's Home Emergency Response as part of its State of the Nation's Homes series of reports.
(18 September 2012)

End of the road for the cowboys as clampers to be outlawed in a fortnight after AA campaign
From October 1st it will become a criminal offence to clamp on private land as the Protection of Freedoms Act comes into force. The AA has been monitoring the problems caused by wheel clamping on private land ever since the issue first arose in the late 1980’s. The AA Clamping Dossier contains thousands of horrific cases of clamping over the last twenty years.
(18 September 2012)

Talking, texting, tweeting twits - drivers using mobile phones in cars for more than talking
Drivers are using their mobile phones in cars for more than talking, according to new research from the AA. Some drivers are texting, emailing, tweeting, updating Facebook or taking photographs on the move.
(12 September 2012)

Petrol prices latest - UK petrol price rises to within 3p of record
UK average pump prices rose to 139.71p a litre this weekend, within 3p of the 142.48p record set in mid April. The average cost of diesel reached 143.98p, compared to mid-April’s record of 147.93.
(10 September 2012)

Home economics - householders saving £6.8 billion a year on support services
'Cash in hand' home services have been severely cut back by the nation’s austerity measures, according to new research released today by AA Home Emergency Response. The latest in our State of the Nation series of reports, reveals that over 15 million Britons have cut back on home support services such as dog walking, cleaning, ironing or gardening.
(7 September 2012)

AA DriveTech secures Driver CPC training arrangement with the British Red Cross
Two outstanding specialists in their respective fields – AA DriveTech and the British Red Cross - have teamed up to provide both essential driving and life learning skills that qualify for the mandatory Driver Certificate of Professional Competence [Driver CPC] training required by truck, bus and coach drivers.
(7 September 2012)

Drive for opportunity - Bristol children in care get into gear
An innovative project to support children growing up in care learn to drive, and to assess the impact it has on their lives, has been launched in Bristol. Drive for Opportunity, funded by the AA Charitable Trust, set out to provide driving lessons for four teenagers within the Bristol care system.
(30 August 2012)

62 plate change - Saturday’s 7% fuel economy boost for used-car buyers
Three-year-old cars released on to the used car market from this weekend onwards will boost new owners’ fuel economy on average by 7%, saving them around £88 a year, says the AA.
(31 August 2012)

Blocked Britain - homes suffered 6.7 million blocked drains in the past year
Over 6.7 million British homes suffered from blocked drains in the past year alone, according to new findings from the AA's Home Emergency Response service as part of its research series "AA State of the Nation's Homes".
(28 August 2012)

Passenger parents - teaching children to drive is harder than giving birth
One in twenty people (5%) think getting into the passenger seat with their learner child driving is the most difficult thing parents do – more so than giving birth, getting through school exams and dealing with illness.
(24 August 2012)

Hidden road signs - bank holiday drivers run gauntlet of overgrown warnings
Bank holiday drivers venturing out on to unfamiliar roads for the last hurrah of the summer continue to run the risk of accidents and fines because many critical signs are still hidden behind overgrown foliage, says the AA.
(24 August 2012)

Bank holiday travel update - 46% of AA members likely to travel this weekend
Traffic will build up from mid-afternoon on Friday (24 August) as people take advantage of the final weekend of summer and the diverse range of Paralympic, leisure and sporting events, says AA Roadwatch and traffic information specialist Trafficmaster.
(21 August 2012)

August fuel price update - rising pump prices heading back on a record track
A 2.5% increase in UK pump prices over the past month risks putting road fuel costs back on the path that led to six weeks of record fuel prices earlier this year, warns the AA.
(17 August 2012)

A third of car owners fear next year's ‘unlucky’ 13 number plates
Nearly a third of AA members will think twice about buying new cars with the 13 number plate that comes into effect in March – not because they dread a mishap, but because they fear trying to sell them on, AA Populus research reveals.
(14 August 2012)

New analysis from AA Home Emergency Response service reveals the nation’s ‘squatspots’
England and Wales saw an 8% rise in court claims to evict squatters or trespassers last year, according to new analysis1 of official data by the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service as part of its research series “AA State of the Nation’s Homes", which also reveals increases of up to 163 per cent in individual county courts.
(14 August 2012)

Life skills - driving speeds ahead in skills table
Being able to drive is regarded as an important skill – overall more important than even being able to write or use a computer. More than two thirds (69%) of respondents put driving in the top three most important skills to have in an AA Populus Poll of 20,029.
(10 August 2012)

Petrol pump accuracy - are you quids in at the pumps?
High pump prices have fuelled driver’s rip-off suspicions and led to complaints to Trading Standards across the country. But an AA dip check of a handful of petrol stations has found some pumps giving up to 4.4% more fuel than shown on the pump – effectively a 6p-a-litre gift to drivers.
(9 August 2012)

Many truckers unconvinced by Driver CPC training
A recent poll of professional truck drivers by TruckNetUK has revealed that an overwhelming majority feels that the Driver CPC training currently on offer in the UK market place is of little or no value to them. Over 75% of respondents disagreed with the statement ‘Do you believe that the government’s Driver CPC training initiative will make you a better, more informed driver?’
(8 August 2012)

AA DriveTech appoints new Fleet Director
Simon Stammers has joined AA DriveTech as its new Fleet Director. He supercedes Paul Holmes who has left the company.
(7 August 2012)

Love for the car grows stronger as majority of drivers enjoy going for a spin
A majority of drivers (55%) have taken the car out just to drive it or look at the view, without even getting out, or without visiting a particular person or location, according to an AA/Populus poll of 20,029 AA members conducted last month.
(7 August 2012)

AA and Pernod Ricard UK launch summer anti drink-drive campaign
More than one in three young drivers (35%) say they will travel further by car this summer than they did last year. Much of this mileage will be social, and will often involve trips to places where alcohol is available.
(1 August 2012)

Beware the use of sat navs in France this summer
While travelling on Franch roads, it is now illegal to have a satellite navigation device that has inbuilt speed camera location information.
(31 July 2012)

Summer getaway - travel advice at the start of the school summer holidays
Traffic is expected to build up on the major ‘getaway’ routes from mid-afternoon today, as families head off at the start of the school summer holidays in England and Wales, according to AA Roadwatch and traffic information specialist Trafficmaster.
(20 July 2012)

Nigel Mansell launches joint AA Charitable Trust and Make Roads Safe report into young driver safety
The ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances surrounding drivers’ first accidents has been revealed in a new report, launched by Nigel Mansell today at the Silverstone Classic.
(20 July 2012)

July fuel price update - pump prices start to rise again
A 10-week slump in UK petrol prices ended at the beginning of July as commodity speculation rolled back a third of the fall in wholesale petrol costs. Average petrol prices that had peaked at 142.48p a litre in mid-April bottomed out at 130.81p on 1 July before regaining more than a penny, according to July’s AA Fuel Price report.
(19 July 2012)

Car features and options - car manufacturers should focus more on basic, practical features than fancy options
New research from the AA shows that the vast majority (86%) of drivers want car manufacturers to go back to basics with less emphasis on an extensive, and often expensive, options list.
(16 July 2012)

Car washing habits - better-off drivers less likely to clean their cars
On the day that the last of the hose-pipe bans are lifted, a new AA/Populus survey of car washing habits reveals that poorer folk may not have so much to spend on cars but they keep them cleaner than better-off drivers.
(9 July 2012)

Wet weather and flood advice for the car and home
With forecasts today for a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours across many parts of the UK, the AA is reminding motorists to take extra care when driving in heavy rain and homeowners to take precautions against flooding, where possible.
(6 July 2012)

The Institute of Traffic Management award for AA DriveTech
The Institute of Traffic Management has been so impressed with AA DriveTech’s approach to corporate driver training that it has presented the company its prestigious ‘Innovation in Driver Training’ Award for 2011.
(4 July 2012)

French breathalysers - one or two for the road?
From Sunday (1 July), UK drivers heading off to France have had to carry breathalysers so they can self-test for excess alcohol before getting behind the wheel after a drink.
(2 July 2012)

Taxi to the hotel - how well will your European city vacation start?
Break-neck speeds, ignoring traffic lights, U-turns to go to a cash machine, double the distance detours and having to share a cab with a female stranger are some of the taxi traumas to taint a traveller’s first impression of a European city.
(2 July 2012)

Downpours wreak transport havoc – AA breakdown and insurance claims update
So far today (as at 12:00), the AA has received 97 flood water-related call-outs, mostly in Tyneside, and AA Insurance has received 55 motor insurance claims for flood and hailstone damage, representing more than half of all claims received so far today.
(29 June 2012)

Flash flooding and hailstorms - 100 cars in flood water, and 30 claims for hail damage in less than an hour
The AA alone attended around 100 cars driven through or stuck in flood water in the West Midlands by 14:00 on Thursday (28 June) and deployed its team of water rescue Land Rovers, AA Special Operations Response Team.
(28 June 2012)

Latest road casualty figures. Road deaths rise – a wake-up call to all engaged in road safety
Road death figures for 2011, announced today show a rise from the 1,850 recorded in 2010 to 1901 – a three per cent rise, and the first since 2003. Deaths and serious injuries have also risen by 2%. Particularly worrying are the 12 per cent rise in pedestrian deaths and the 16 per cent rise in cycle serious injuries.
(28 June 2012)

Euro travel currency cards - cash in on Euros now with Sterling at a high
European economic turmoil is good for UK travellers, according to AA Financial Services. With the £ remaining high against the Euro, the AA suggests holidaymakers could load a Euro travel currency card now for use when they take their European trip.
(27 June 2012)

Dream homes - what homeowners want
Forget the stately home or a city penthouse, new research released today reveals that Britain’s dream home is a three bedroom semi-detached house in a rural village.
(27 June 2012)

Fuel duty freeze - drivers breathe enormous sigh of relief
The Chancellor's announcement is great news for all motorists as drivers will breathe an enormous sigh of relief with summer holidays about to take off. A duty increase at the same time as the Olympics would have cast a shadow over the UK.
(27 June 2012)

June fuel price update - pump prices slump after Government pressure
UK petrol prices have for the second month running fallen by more than 4p a litre – a reduction not seen since the price collapse of late 2008. However, AA Fuel Price Report research shows that, in late April, diesel car owners could have enjoyed pump prices much closer to petrol’s for the first time in two years.
(13 June 2012)

The return of the Highland Patrol
Members who break down in the Highlands will now once again be met by the welcome sight of a ‘Highland Patrol’. The AA is bringing back the iconic name in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year at the request of local patrols, almost 60 years after it was first introduced.
(12 June 2012)

Fuel price transparency - seven-year fight by the AA takes a huge leap forward
A seven-year fight by the AA to get a fair price at the pump takes a huge leap forward today. The Transport Secretary has called on fuel retailers to set up a transparency register and code of practice so that consumers can monitor the daily petrol or diesel prices.
(29 May 2012)

Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend travel advice
The major ‘getaway’ routes are expected to very busy this Friday afternoon and Saturday, as people head off for the Jubilee bank holiday weekend and start of school half-term, according to AA Roadwatch and traffic information specialist Trafficmaster.
(29 May 2012)

The AA salutes the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee
As the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, the AA looks back at its involvement at her Coronation on 2 June 1953. The Coronation had been 18 months in the planning and while the police were engaged with security arrangements, the AA – whose then president was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – was asked to manage the road signing, parking and traffic control.
(28 May 2012)

May fuel price update - 4p down, 6p to go
A yawning gap between what UK drivers are paying for petrol and what the fuel is worth across Europe has only now begun to close. However, on the Continent, Germany is looking to force the pace by becoming the third country to regulate road fuel prices
(25 May 2012)

Parking expectations low as 1.2 million AA members head for the 2012 Games
Nearly one in 12 AA members will attend an Olympic event this summer although they are realistic about their chances of being able to use the car to get to venues. 30% have yet to make their travel plans though.
(23 May 2012)

Car litter louts should be punished with points and penalties
Sixty one per cent of AA members think people caught throwing litter from cars should be punished with three points on their licence, a fixed penalty fine and possibly a community service order, according to an AA Populus poll of 8,800.
(21 May 2012)

Andy Smith crowned Patrol of the Year 2012
Formula One fan and keen kayaker Andy Smith, from Hampshire, received his award at a ceremony in London on Saturday 12 May. Over the coming year, Andy will play a starring role as the public face of the AA, providing tips and advice on all things motoring.
(18 May 2012)

Queen's speech turns up pressure on drug drivers
New police powers, to use roadside tests to prove drivers are over a legal limit for drugs tied in with existing powers to prove impairment by those drugs, will start to tackle a death toll that threatens to mirror the drink menace.
(9 May 2012)

Local elections - the importance of motoring issues
Cost, provision and enforcement of parking, potholes, congestion and safety are some of the motoring issues that will weigh heavily on the outcome of local elections this week.
(2 May 2012)

Whiplash injury - time for the talking to stop and for reforms to be put in place
Over the past two years, claims for whiplash injury have contributed to the biggest car insurance premium increases ever recorded by the AA’s benchmark British Insurance Premium Index. In 2010, the fast-rising premiums recorded by the AA Index prompted a Transport Committee enquiry into car insurance.
(2 May 2012)

AA British Insurance Premium Index - quarter 1, 2012
Motor premiums show that the sharp premium increases of the past three years have ended. The AA doesn’t believe that this is the start of a downward trend, but it does suggest that new legislation governing personal injury claims will eventually have an impact on premiums.
(25 April 2012)

April fuel price update - if you thought the panic buying was bad ....
Average petrol prices in the UK set a new record this week as a month of falling oil prices failed to be reflected in wholesale prices across northern Europe, according to April’s AA Fuel Price Report.
(18 April 2012)

Think and drive - AA launches campaign to boost Britain’s creative drive
When it comes to driving habits most of us confess to listening to music, even getting angry with other motorists but few of us take advantage of the great opportunity behind the wheel – to think up new ideas.
(12 April 2012)

Mum and Dad’s taxi - do you spend 50 hours/month driving a child to school and hobbies?
Parents in the UK are losing their entire annual leave allowance ferrying their children about in their car. AA Driving School research shows that a third of mums and dads lose between 10 and 49 hours a month per child driving them to school and social activities.
(12 April 2012)

Think and drive - what do motorists get up to when alone behind the wheel?
Bearing in mind the time we spend in our cars and in congestion, it is no surprise that drivers get up to other things behind the wheel. It can be a positive thing to be engaged as long as our extra curricular activities, such as learning a language, singing or praying, don’t interfere with driving.
(12 April 2012)

Parking at work - workplace parking levy is a tax on work
Companies in the City of Nottingham will have to pay a fee of £288 for each parking space they offer their employees if they have more than 10 spaces. Some companies may pass on this charge to their employees.
(2 April 2012)

Easter getaway - peak traffic expected Maundy Thursday
With possible fuel strike action ruled out over Easter, any lingering concern over fuel is unlikely to deter many people from travelling this Easter.
(30 March 2012)

March fuel price update
UK petrol pump prices are already 1p a litre above last year’s record and diesel nearly 2.5p a litre higher than last May’s peak. These and the impending fuel duty increase will wipe out any saving and respite UK motorists could have expected from warmer weather motoring, March’s AA Fuel Price Report highlights.
(27 March 2012)

Budget 2012 - AA response
The Chancellor’s decision to increase fuel duty in August is a “Budget Blow-Out”. AA research shows that such increases will force two thirds of drivers out of their cars for some journeys.
(23 March 2012)

AA DriveTech to sponsor National Road Safety Conference
AA DriveTech, the post-test driver training arm of the AA, has been unveiled as the fourth major corporation to become a sponsor of the 2012 National Road Safety Conference, organised by Road Safety GB.
(13 March 2012)

Roadside litter- get rid of drive-by litter louts before the 2012 Games
Roadside litter will give Olympic tourists a bad impression of Britain, according to 94% of AA members in an AA/Populus poll of 8,800 drivers.
(12 March 2012)

Savers not taking advantage of tax-free ISAs
New research from AA Savings shows that while two-thirds (67%) of adults say they 'save what they can, when they can' in the current economic environment, only 40% of them are taking advantage of tax-free ISAs.
(9 March 2012)

New car purchase news
As the first shiny '12' plate cars roll out of showrooms this March, car dealers can expect to see improved sales compared with this time last year as buyers raid their savings to buy them, according to the latest Car Purchase Index for AA Financial Services.
(5 March 2012)

AA DriveTech’s ‘journey’ concept facilitates cost savings and regulatory compliance for fleets
Running a vehicle fleet can be one the largest costs that employers have to bear, not just in terms of procurement and everyday running costs but also because of expenditure incurred as a result of collisions. It is estimated that people ‘driving for work’ are involved in a third of all on-road incidents in the UK every year.
(5 March 2012)

High fuel prices lead to increase in breakdowns
With the price of diesel and petrol hitting record highs, many drivers are putting off essential maintenance and servicing leading to an increase in some breakdowns.
(5 March 2012)

Drivers reveal where they drove after passing their test
Most newly-qualified drivers shun social journeys for their first drive after passing their driving test, according to AA Driving School.
(24 February 2012)

Home owners risk letting their homes fall into disrepair
Austerity measures are causing many home owners to risk letting their homes fall into disrepair, according to research from the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service.
(23 February 2012)

More Driver CPC courses from AA DriveTech
AA DriveTech is constantly developing its range of Driver CPC courses to meet customer demand and has a dedicated team of experienced specialists to achieve this.
(22 February 2012)

Driving with a heavy cold is nothing to sneeze at
Almost one fifth of drivers take to the road whilst unfit, many due to flu or heavy colds, according to an AA/Populus poll of 20,000 AA members.
(22 February 2012)

Discovering what professional drivers really think
Knowing only too well how crowded the Driver CPC training supplier market was likely to be, AA DriveTech was determined to enter the fray with high quality, value-for-money courses that really delivered quantifiable benefits to both individual drivers and their employers.
(22 February 2012)

AA DriveTech at the THE 2012 CV Show
AA DriveTech, the commercial driver development arm of the AA, is once again exhibiting at the CV Show to promote its extensive range of Driver CPC courses, which have expanded considerably since their debut at last year’s show.
(22 February 2012)

Diesel price sets new record
The average price of diesel in the UK has overtaken the record set in May last year, hitting 143. 05 p a litre.
(17 February 2012)

Fighting back against the fuel price rises
The AA’s commercial driver training and development division, AA DriveTech, can offer some respite to ever escalating fuel costs. Launched last year, the ‘Fuel Save 15’ course provides the complete spectrum of fuel saving techniques.
(17 February 2012)

February fuel price update - diesel price nudges record
Average UK diesel prices have risen to 142.80p a litre, a fifth of a penny shy of the record set in May last year (143.04p), according to February’s AA Fuel Price Report.
(17 February 2012)

AA Insurance launches Drivesafe - pay how you drive car insurance
AA Insurance has turned to technology to launch a new ‘pay how you drive’ policy. Called AA Drivesafe, it provides the tools to help drivers, especially new and inexperienced ones, improve their driving safety.
(10 February 2012)

Big freeze continues - 63,000 breakdowns in four days
Over the last four days, the AA has attended around 63,000 breakdowns - averaging around 75% busier than normal - and despite the absence of snow, a winter brew of low temperatures, ice and freezing fog is continuing to cause problems for road users.
(7 February 2012)

Big freeze
The big freeze keeps its grip on UK – AA advice and breakdown update
Low overnight temperatures have again caused problems for the nation’s motorists with breakdown workload higher than yesterday, reports the AA.
(1 February 2012)

Campsite of the year - award winning sites in Britain and Ireland
AA Campsite of the Year Award winners for 2012 have been announced to coincide with the launch of the AA Caravan and Camping Britain and Ireland Guide 2012.
(1 February 2012)

MOT test review - Government announcement passes AA members’ MoT test
Today’s Department for Transport announcement indicating no change in the timing of MoT tests is a victory for common sense, 80% of AA members would agree.
(1 February 2012)

AA breakdown - review of 2011. One in ten UK drivers rescued during last 12 months
In 2011, the AA handled more than 5.2 million breakdown calls and attended around 3.4 million call-outs – rescuing around one in ten drivers in the UK.
(30 January 2012)

Major fleet award for AA DriveTech
AA DriveTech, the commercial driver training arm of the AA, has won the Risk Management category in the 2012 Business Car Awards.
(24 January 2012)

Driving theory test changes - pupils will not be able to learn answers from pre-published material
Changes designed to make the driving theory test harder have been brought in as the AA reveals one in four drivers don’t know who has priority when traffic lights are out.
(23 January 2012)

January fuel price report
Both petrol and diesel pump prices in the UK have started the new year with a more than 1p-a-litre increase over the past fortnight, according to January’s AA Fuel Price Report. While average petrol prices are 4p shy of the all-time high, diesel is within 1.5p of the record .
(20 January 2012)

Reducing the risk for young van drivers
“We’re getting really concerned about what appears to be a growing problem amongst the smaller fleets in this country” says David Richards, Marketing Director at leading commercial driver training provider AA DriveTech.
(19 January 2012)

Texting iPod Zombies are still on the march
'iPod oblivion' can be lethal for pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers, according to the Automobile Association, as a recent US study* quoted in the BMJ, shows a three-fold increase in the number of deaths involving pedestrians wearing headphones.
(18 January 2012)

Today is meant to be the year’s most depressing day or 'Blue Monday'
Although generally 65% of AA members describe themselves as happy and almost 90% still enjoy driving, according to an AA/Populus poll of 20,181 drivers.
(16 January 2012)

Kill the compensation culture - AA welcomes Transport Committee insurance report
We must kill the compensation culture that has sharply driven up car insurance premiums.  The recommendations from the Transport Committee are a positive step towards doing that.
(12 January 2012)

Personal plates - one in 10 of male drivers now have one
Overall, 11% of 18,138 AA members polled by the AA/Populus survey have a ‘special’ number plate – either bought from the DVLA or transferred from a previous car.
(13 January 2012)

Insurance claims - high winds set trampolines, wheelie bins and even a boat flying
The storms that battered parts of the UK brought a 28 per cent increase in car insurance claims over the first five days of January, compared with the same period last year.
(09 January 2012)

Much needed first satnav summit to tighten up accuracy of electronic road mapping
The Government’s much-needed first ‘Satnav’ summit to tighten up the accuracy of electronic road mapping, threatens to collide with new local authority powers to designate roads as they see fit, warns the AA.
(6 January 2012)

2.4 billion fewer litres of petrol and drivers resolve to cut back further
Petrol sales, down 2.4 billion litres in the first nine months of 2011 compared to 2008, look set to collapse further in 2012. That’s if AA members stick to their most popular New Year’s resolutions and cut back even more on car use.
(3 January 2012)

Bank holiday parking signs confusion
Festive cheer will run out from Boxing Day onwards as sales shoppers face bank holiday parking signs confusion.  Getting it wrong could add a penalty of up to £130 to the cost of Christmas, the AA warns.
(26 December 2011)

Drivers say AA yellow is safest car colour
More than a third of AA members believe lighter colour cars are the safest.  Yellow tops the car colour safety poll followed by white and red, an AA/Populus survey reveals.
(22 December 2011)

One in three worried about their heating breaking down this winter
Millions of Britons are going into the winter months living alone and isolated from friends and family, according to new research from the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service.
(19 December 2011)

Designated drivers - Who's Gonna Drive You Home?
Women are five times more likely to drive home after a night out than men as the designated driver, according to the female responses from an AA/Populus poll.
(19 December 2011)

Drivers play the great Christmas petrol price postcode lottery
Average petrol prices have fallen to their lowest for nine months. However, drivers in many parts of the country are paying a Scrooge-like £1 or more extra per tank compared to those in other areas, December’s AA Fuel Price Report reveals.
(16 December 2011)

End to red tape driving licence headache
Frustration for travellers who forget the paper counterpart of their driving licence when hiring a car will end with the purge of red tape announced by the Government today.
(15 December 2011)

AA Insurance ‘delighted’ at simplification of insurance certificates
Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, has welcomed the Department for Transport’s proposed abolition of the need for a paper or electronic motor insurance certificate
(15 December 2011)

AA Savings account interest rate improves
AA Savings has increased the interest rate for its popular Internet Extra easy-access savings account, to a best-buy 3.20% gross pa/AER (from 2.60% gross pa/AER).
(6 December 2011)