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Home Accident Plan

Property questions

I live in rented accommodation, am I eligible for Home Accident Plan?

Yes, the policy covers accidents in the home and rented properties are not excluded.

I live in a flat, can I take out this policy?


In my flat, are the communal areas covered?

Providing they are part of the property, then yes, communal areas are included.

I own and live in a pub, can I get it covered under Home Accident Plan?

No, as commercial premises, a pub could not be covered.

Questions about who's covered?

What happens if a guest has an accident?

As the policyholder you would need to report the accident, naming the guest as the insured person. Further correspondence would be with the insured person and any payment made for injury would be to the insured person.

The policy excludes trades people, would that include a home help or a gardener?

Yes, they would be excluded if they are at your home as part of their paid employment. However, if they are working as volunteers, then they would be covered under the policy.

Would a burglar be covered if they were killed or injured while entering my home?

No, a burglar is not an invited visitor or a resident of your home.

Hospital cash benefit

If following an accident I do not go into hospital immediately, but am admitted some days later, is cover still provided?

Yes, provided we are able to obtain the proper medical information and hospitalisation occurs within 13 weeks from the date of the accident.

If I am only in hospital for two days, do I still receive a percentage of the weekly amount or do I have to be in hospital for a week to qualify?

For each period in excess of 24 hours in hospital, benefit is payable as a proportion of the weekly amount.

If two members of the family are injured in the same incident, would they both receive a payment?


If I currently have a serious illness or disability, would I still be able to purchase Home Accident Plan, and would hospital benefit be paid to me if I went into hospital?

Yes, the policy states that any existing illness or disability would be taken into account when paying the benefit, but assuming that the reason for hospitalisation was as a result of the accident, the accidental injuries would be paid for, while any hospitalisation directly as a result of an illness would not.

For a hospital cash benefit to be paid, do I need to provide receipts or other evidence of expenditure if I go into hospital?

No, this is a benefits policy and the claims are paid based on the weekly amount regardless of circumstances.

Making a claim

How do I make a claim?

Call the claimline number 0870 241 4539. The claim handler will ask you for some basic details about the accident and then send you a claim form. The claim form must be sent to the insurer within 60 days.

Can I claim more than one time in a policy period?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of claims.

If I make a claim, will my premium go up at renewal?

There is no underwriting increase based on individual claims or circumstances.

If I already have other personal accident insurance in place, can I claim on both policies?


Do I need to fill in a proposal form?


Is assault covered?


Accidental death

If I die a result of an accident at home, who would the benefit be payable to?

The benefit would be payable to the estate of the deceased insured person.

Is the benefit payable on death taxable?

No, the benefit is simply paid into the estate and forms part of the estate.

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