Tyres for multi-purpose vehicles

Do you need extra load tyres for your MPV?

Check the spec carefully when you're buying new tyres, especially if they're for an MPV

Heavy vehicles and loads place greater demands on your tyres which run hotter and would be more susceptible to failure if they weren't the right specification.

  • Most MPVs are heavier and can carry more load than a car of similar size.
  • Most vehicle manufacturers specify reinforced, extra load or commercial tyres to cope with the additional weight and provide the increased carrying capacity.
  • This isn't always mentioned specifically in the handbook:

Life and age

Check the sidewalls of your tyres carefully.

Make sure the replacements match the same specification.


If your vehicle's fitted with extra load capacity tyres the sidewalls will show one of these markings:

  • XL – Extra Load
  • RNF – Reinforced
  • C – Commercial

If you're not sure which specification of tyre should be fitted, contact the vehicle manufacturer or one of their appointed dealers for advice.

7 February 2017

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