Tyre pressures

Make sure your tyres aren't a let down

For safety, ride and better fuel economy, aim to check your tyres every couple of weeks

Your handbook will tell you what pressure you should have in your tyres.

Often you’ll find a small sticker with the tyre pressures on too – usually inside the fuel filler flap or on the drivers’ door edge.

  • Pressures are given for cold tyres
  • There are usually two figures, one for 'normal' use and a higher figure for full loads. 

Tyre pressures

If you can't find the correct tyre pressures, contact the vehicle manufacturer’s customer services team. You’ll need a note of:

  • The size of the tyres fitted, taken from the sidewalls
  • The make, model and registration number

Regular checks

Aim to check your tyre pressures every couple of weeks, with the tyres cold, using a reliable and accurate tyre pressure gauge.

  • ‘Cold’ means that the car shouldn’t have been driven for a couple of hours
  • The pressure inside your tyres naturally increases as they heat up so if you set your pressures when your tyres are already warm, their pressure will probably be too low.
  • Take a bit of time to check the tread for wear and also to look for cuts, or bulges on the sidewalls
  • Get any cut you find checked out by a tyre specialist.
  • A bulge means the tyre’s got internal damage and must be replaced.

Why’s tyre pressure so important?

Tyre pressure affects your safety, running costs and comfort:

  • Under or over inflation increases tyre wear so you’ll have to buy new tyres more often.
    • An under-inflated tyre will wear more on the edges of the tread
    • An over-inflated tyre will wear more in the centre of the tread
  • Under inflation increases your tyre’s rolling resistance which means higher fuel consumption
  • Under inflated tyres will flex more and get hotter, making sudden tyre failure – blowouts –  more likely
  • Under inflated tyres will increase stopping distances and affect your vehicle’s handling so that collisions are more likely
  • Higher pressures can mean a harsher more uncomfortable ride, but don’t be tempted to reduce pressures for a softer ride.

6 February 2017

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