Rover fans given chance to chat to the management

Admirers of the Rover brand have been given the opportunity to have a conversation with representatives from the Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC), the firm that bought Rover in 2005.

Fans of the marque will be able to speak to members of the company, which recently announced that limited production was to restart at the manufacturer’s Longbridge plant, on

NAC’s Stephen Cox in the UK and Paul Stowe in China will take part in the discussion, which will take place from 11:00 GMT on February 8th.

This is believed to be the first time a major automaker has offered car enthusiasts the chance to talk to its representatives directly via an independent website.

Mr Stowe commented: "From the outset, NAC has recognised the positive and pivotal role that enthusiasts have played in the development of the MG brand, ever since Cecil Kimber’s very first car left the factory in 1924.

"Today, NAC not only recognises the historical importance and significance of MG enthusiasts, but is keen to build upon established links with MG enthusiasts worldwide."

Mr Cox added that it has "never been a better time to be an MG enthusiast", with only a few months to go before assembly recommences at Longbridge.


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  1. I hear that they have built a small batch of MG TFs’…..possibly prototypes at the Longbridge plant……which is about time too!….I think the cars use both British and Chinese parts and are Euro compliant.

    Hopefully will get my hands on one soon as full production is under way!

  2. The Longbridge plant was on TV the other night, NAC appear to be building cheaper versions of previous MGF derivatives going by the concepts that are currently being rolled out.

    It’s fantastic that the company is prepared to put it’s reputation on the line by answering live questions from not only enthusiasts but also concerned owners.

    It is also great to see a traditional brand that has fallen on hard times looking to future technology to push forward. Lets hope that the answers we are all looking for – more cars and more jobs – will come through.

  3. Sounds like a great idea, mg rover can build a car that the people want.. not what they think they will want.. more companies should do this sort of thing.